"Entering the unknown, always open minded."

I am Free Spirit Investigations and here to help!  Based in Milwaukee, WI, I research the building's history, ask necessary questions and start the investigation.  This could be establishing a base line where activity is taking place to setting up digital and regular tape recorders, digital filming and using an EMF Mel Meter 4704R Rem Pro Navigator to detect electrical fields of energy from spirits plus room temperature changes.  Also utilized are the Tribo electrical 360 Parascope measuring static electricity, and the Ovilus III which can answer basic yes or no questions to forming complete words when communicating with spirits.

I have deep interests in the paranormal, haunts and research.  My first encounter happened at 10 years of age at a family funeral.  I saw a loved one standing in a doorway while his actual body lay in the casket.  I will investigate private residences and businesses.  There is never any charge.

Contact me with your concerns and any questions.

Telephone:   262-385-3016

Email:          niteowl736@att.net

I am here to help those understand the who, what, where, when and why's.  With over 40 years of field experience doing paranormal investigations, hopefully the unknown activity can be resolved.

Should I run into anything that I cannot handle or control, I will contact others who can such as law enforcement, religious leaders or ?  The unknown is not to be taken lightly, and protecting oneself is number one!