Previous investigations were in Manitowoc, WI, St. Augustine, FL, New Orleans, LA, Hot Springs and Little Rock, AR, Chicago, IL, Toronto and Niagara-on-the Lake, Canada, London, England, various places in Scotland including the Shetland Islands, Spain and Morocco.  Future investigations I am working on include a restaurant and former speakeasy, a factory with reported moving objects and voices heard, a fire station and private residences.

2010:  10 sites were investigated for paranormal activity.  These included the Modjeska Theater, Turner Hall, St. Joan of Arc Chapel and the Shriner's Tripoli Temple.  Orbs were seen at Turner Hall and the Chapel but nothing at the Shriner's.  The Modjeska Theater was very active with orbs captured on film, EVPs, constant EMF meter changes and pictures of bent light in many colors, "snakes" and several men in 1800s type clothing on the blank screen.  Check out the website for the UFO Cafe in Burlington, WI to see these light "snakes" and other strange lighting.

Other places were a commercial vessel docked in the Port of Milwaukee.  Nothing captured on film or any EMF readings.  EVPS revealed many rapping noises and two names of previous crew members who drowned while helping a disabled ship; Lake Park Lighthouse with activity of being followed, orbs and a man's hand and body outline pictured on the main beam inside; Oak Hill Cemetery in Wauwatosa, a one acre burial ground of founding fathers and Civil War soldiers.  Great sadness felt here but nothing on film, EMF or EVP.

In Sept., 2010, a followup investigation took place at the Mars Building.  (Check out their website at to read my report from 9/26/2009.)  Pictures showed small, elf-like faces and diamond shapes.  Very few EMF readings.  EVPS included a man saying "one..two..three...Fond du Lac...three...four" and "Book of Alchemy."  No explanation for this.  Another investigator and myself both experienced many cold spots, difficulty breathing in certain areas and stabbing-type pain.  Place is still very much active; Shaker's Cigar Bar was highly active with orbs observed, many cold spots, picture of a man lying on the main floor, hearing the little girl's voice that haunts the ladies rest room and feeling a child's hand touch mine sending my arm into a deep freeze.  Trigger items used were a small bowl of M&M's and a teddy bear.  My article was written for  Under Wisconsin Ghosts, go to Shaker's dated 10/23/2010.  A bit tricky to find but it's there. 

In Nov., 2010, a private residence on Milwaukee's NW side revealed EMF and EVP activity.  Captured on tape was a man's voice stating "Oh no" only seconds after the device was turned on.  Ten minutes later an elderly woman says "Stay warm."  Shortly after that EVP, another male voice shouts "Jungle Bush."  Another taped session in the client's basement sounded like many people talking all at once and over each other and no living person was in that room at the time.

Creepy face in the fire.

Paranormal    Investigations

2009 was busy and interesting for me.  In Milwaukee County, I investigated Grant Park, Farmer's Grove and Forest Home Cemeteries, Lake Park Lighthouse and the Lion Bridges, Alchemist, Oriental and the Miramar Theaters, the MARS Haunted House, Iron Horse Hotel and the Milwaukee Public Museum. 

Other places included Founder's Park in Cedarburg and the Dousman Stagecoach Inn in Brookfield, WI.  Each place had cold spots, orbs, temperature fluctuations and EVPs.  At the Alchemist Theater, a spirit of a small girl passed through me and it felt like being in a deep freezer.  At the Iron Horse Hotel, a tape recorder placed in the basement rendered an EVP with a woman singing. 


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