Infamous Tomb at Dartford Cemetery

2011 brought me to over 12 sites with paranormal activity.  Centenniel Restaurant (now Sobelman's) in Mequon was  formerly a bordello and bootleg liquor establishment.  EMF readings spiked with the device aimed at the ceiling.  I was informed that the original owner's bedroom was directly above us and he had died in that room.  Another hot spot was near the entrance into the arcade area where that same man walked to check inventory back in the day.  Old German Beer House in downtown Milwaukee was invested in March, 2011.  The presence of an older man was felt by my dining companion.  EMF meter was set down upon the table and flashed "RED'" and indication of spirit present.  There were no wires or electric outlets to cause this.  There were also several cold spots.  The ladies room also had cold spots.  A Victorian couple haunt the place.

Other places included a haunted sports bar in Germantown where the ghost of a man walks the highway nearby and causes cars to swerve with some drivers ending up in the ditch.  The bar owner also saw the door bells ringing when no one came in or left.  Shaker's Cigar Bar, an abandoned farm on Milwaukee's far northwest side, Holy Hill in Hubertus, Founder's Park in Cedarburg, a private residence on old Hwy. 41 in Milwaukee, a south side Mexican restaurant, Forest Home Ave. and Union Cemeteries, Hynite Building in Oak Creek (torn down in May, 2015), Fitzsimmons Road, Bender Park and Milwaukee School of Massage were investigated and each one had cold spots, mist, high EMF readings and some EVP's. 

2012 I took time off.  2013 included Cedarburg, JFK Prep in St. Nazianz, Hotel Hell in Maribel, WI, plenty of cemeteries and again the Hynite Building in Oak Creek. Leaving that area, I saw a car approaching from a short distance, head lights on then parking lights and then everything off.  No sound anywhere on the partly gravel asphalted road.  I left and asked a couple walking their dog if they saw a car parked.  They both replied "No."  A phantom car?  It was very strange.  Also checked out another abandoned house on College Avenue across from the airport (torn down in 2015).  I drove up onto the property and noticed two large almond shaped lights in the tree directly in back of the house.  They were not lights.  Weird noises sounded, almost like growling.  I shined the flashlight and no animal was in this tree nor anything reflective.  Shut off the flashlight and glowing white light again.  This house was set back from the road and couldn't possibly have reflected any head lights.  Barely managed to turn the car around and half expected Leatherface from Texas Chain Massacre to run out yielding his saw.  It was that creepy.  Very strange place indeed!

Haunted Chapel at JFK Prep


"Entering the unknown, always open minded."

Paranormal  Investigations   P. 2

  Founder's Cemetery - Cedarburg

Hotel Hell in Ruins.  Maribel, WI