"Entering the unknown, always open minded."

Free Spirit Investigations was established in Fall, 2009.  I have interests in the paranormal, haunts and research and bring over 40 years of field experience to any investigation.  I will analyze all data, come to a reasonable conclusion and present all evidence to the client including a written summary.  I investigate private residences and businesses.  There is never any charge for these services.  Many investigations have taken place in Milwaukee and its suburbs.  Still other haunted sites were located in various states, Canada, the U.K., Spain and Morocco.  Arrangements must be made in advance if the case is outside of Milwaukee County.

I utilize history and research and a pure common sense approach in achieving my goals with each case.  I am also a "sensitive" regarding the unknown and able to tell if a place has activity.  Please contact me so I can help you.

Telephone:   262-385-3016

Email:          niteowl736@att.net